Supervised Study

Kilmartin Educational Services will commence Supervised Study for the 2022/2023 academic year on Monday, August 29th 2022. As always, please read our study conditions. 


Student Safety

  • Please note the location of fire exits throughout the building.
  • Keep to the right hand side of the stairs when going to and coming from class. PLEASE DO NOT USE MOBILE PHONES WHILE ON STAIRCASE.
  •  Be extra vigilant when crossing the road outside the building as traffic is extremely heavy. Please cross at the traffic lights for safety.

Personal Belongings

Students are solely responsible for all their personal belongings.  Kilmartin Educational Services does not accept responsibility for damage to/loss of

personal belongings. 

Disciplinary Problems

Disruptive behaviour, consumption of illegal substances, inattentiveness during class will result in the removal of a student from the course/grind/study. Parents will be contacted and requested to collect their son/daughter immediately without any refund of fees.

Toilet facilities

Ladies/gents toilets are available on both our 1st and 2nd floors.

Eating in the building

Please note that students ARE NOT PERMITTED TO EAT in the building. Chewing gum is strictly prohibited. Students have access to several Café’s and Restaurants near our college, for Health and Safety and due to the fact that some students may have serious allergies.

Access to Study Halls

Please note that access to all class rooms involves stairs. There is no access to a lift in our Limerick college. The lift in our Ennis building is only for those who are unable to use the stairways.

Environmental Issues

  • Place recycling material into the correct bins.
  • Turn off lights after use where relevant.
  • As much as possible, we recycle waste. Please help us save our world. 

Relevant Medical Details

Please ensure that our college administration is informed of any relevant medical details pertaining to your son/daughter.

Mobile Phones

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during grinds/courses or supervised study. The use of laptops and tablets are allowed for educational purposes only unless parents/guardians prohibit their use in writing via email to If students are using their devices for social media or anything outside of education purposes parents will be notified


Please note that all students' sign-in and sign-out times are monitored by supervisors. Parents will not receive a notification to state their student is absent, late, or leaving early. If you wish to check your students sign in or sign out time please contact us on 061-444989 on the day in question

Closure of Study Halls

If the number of students attending a given study hall is low, we will close the study hall at break and students will be re assigned to another study hall.

Signing In & Out

Students must signing in and out when entering and leaving a study hall at all times.

Saturday/Sunday & Weekend Study Packages

Please note that a number of dates are excluded from this package, mainly Holiday weekends.

Yearly Study Package

This package does not include holiday study fees. If paid in full at the beginning of the year, students can access holiday study for a discounted & Christmas/Easter Revision Courses. Terms & Conditions Apply.

Please note that our Yearly Study Packages finish on Wednesday May 31st 2023.

Half Term Study Package

This package does not include holiday study fees and no reduction applies for holiday study or Revision Courses.

Loss & Found Items

Should a student leave behind items of clothing/books ect…they will be left in the study hall and not removed.

Private Policy Notice

Please revert to:

Wi Fi

Please note that Wi Fi is not part of our service. However, students are welcome to access our Wi Fi free of charge but we do not guarantee Wi Fi throughout the building. Students are expected to adhere to our Internet/Wi Fi policy.

Storage of Books

We do not offer a storage facility for books/personal belongings. Desks/chairs must be free of books at the end of the day.


Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Fees are non-refundable and are non-transferable to any other course/s. Exceptions will not be made under any circumstances.