Online HPAT Mock Exam

HPAT Online Mock Exam

Dr. Barry Ryan will run a online Mock Exam

  • Day: Sunday 7th February 2021
  • Time: 2.00-4.40pm
  • Online
  • Cost: €60

Link to purchase will be available here in the coming days.

We have endeavored to reflect ACER HPAT Ireland exam conditions. We cannot simulate exactly the test but students will populate their responses online, as in the act HPAT Ireland exam, and these will be electronically marked and emailed back to participants. 

There are two parts to the exam process:

  • 1. All registered students will receive in PDF format, the three sections of the exam. It is recommended that parent/guardian prints this exam well in advance. At the time exam is to be administered, the printed version should be given to the student.
  • 2. Each student will have an email to enter the exam. The student will be presented with a multiple choice answer sheet. The student will click on the answer they deem to be correct. The timing of each section follows HPAT Ireland and follows the time limits which are available here
  • At completion of time limits for each section and the overall exam, exam will cease and results submitted automatically. The results will be generated automatically against master answer key, and results emailed back. There will be a breakdown of results in each section. 


Note: 1. ACER uses a standardization process to generate overall score out of 300 marks. Kilmartins does not have access to the algorithm used to smooth results. We will present an overall result out of 300 marks. But caveat we don’t have access to ACER standardization final step. 


Note: 2: Dr Barry Ryan has gone through the technical requirements for the actual HPAT Ireland administered on 20th/21st February 2021, in class with the students. It is imperative that students/parents review pages 5 and 6 in the official pdf for HPAT 2021 available here