Some Feedback From Pupils Past & Present:

Why do students love studying at Julie's?


  • I have to say I’m actually really going to miss this place. I don’t think I would have survived this year without you Julie, I have so many hilarious memories here and have met loads of new friends. I don’t think any of us will forget the fire incident!!! And thanks Ger for those biscuits the day I fell asleep. Mary & Breda I will miss you so much, ye have been like second mothers to me this year. Mary I will make you proud someday when I’m in Downton. (K.M. -  Limerick)

  • Thank you so so much for the last year Julie.All the hardship has finally paid off. Thanks to the best supervisors Mary & Breda Ye were great. Honestly can’t think I would have even passed the exams without this place. Thank You for everything x (L.A. - Clare)

  • Thanks for everything this year Julie, you have been so facilitating and helpful and I could always have a laugh with you. Thanks to Breda and Mary, possibly the two cutest supervisors ever! This year has been great and you have really helped me to focus. Thanks again! (Emily - Limerick)


  • Thanks Julie for all the help this year, wouldn’t have done half as much work this year if not for this place.Thanks to Breda & Mary for supervising us over the year. I have some great memories from my time at Julie's. (E.M. - Limerick)

  • Course very good as it is, and very informative. Excellent teaching skills in comparison to my own school! (S.O. - Limerick)

  • Excellent course... Really gained alot from it. Brilliant notes and exam advice were provided, tres bonne!  (A.H. - Limerick)

  • The notes and the teacher were excellent. I especially liked how they showed us how to revise/study History. (D.M - Limerick)