Pre-Exam Revision Courses

Due to the continued spread of COVID-19, we have made the decision to Pre Record Our Pre-Exam Revision Courses and place them online for students.

  •  Students will have access to a set of revision notes for each course which can be downloaded from home.
  •  Replay Class Recordings as often as they want, until exams are over- this is a massive Advantage

We are bringing our amazing teachers to your home and they will be there 24/7 during this crisis.

Pre-Exam Course Layout

Our Revision Courses will run for a duration of 4 hours per course. During this stressful times for exam students we have decided to give students access to all our pre-recorded courses for a once off payment of €300 instead of paying €100 per course.

Access to all recorded courses. A list of courses available here with revision course content linked to each course.


Our Junior Certificate Package

Kilmartin Educational services have decided to give all students access to all recorded courses and notes for a set price of €300 instead of charging our regular prices. This package is suitable for students who will be sitting their in-house exams for 2020 and for Junior Cert 2021. The package includes:


Online Grinds

Our amazing teacher have also agreed to online grinds in order to continue the momentum with students during school closures. Please call 061-444989 to book into grinds as all teachers are recording using different software. More information available here.