Additional Subjects

Students take on additional subjects outside of school with Kilmartin Educational Services for a number of reasons. Many students find that two subjects they hoped to take clash on their school timetable, some schools don't offer the full range of Leaving Cert subjects and some students simply wish to maximise their points!


Our experienced and highly qualified teachers will cover all the coursework, plus any additional project/practical work over either one or two years. Usually the classes will be one hour and a half in length per week. Christmas and Pre-Leaving Cert exams will also be set and the results will be posted home so that parents can monitor progress. Be advised that taking on an additional subject is not easy, particularly if you are hoping to cover the course in one year, but our teachers will guide you through the process and focus on how you can achieve the best possible grades!



Please contact the office on 061 444 989 re. class time and day.

The course is divided into 5 sections each worth 20 % in the Leaving Cert . These sections are:

  • The Project
  • The Case Study
  • Ireland 1870-1914
  • Ireland 1912-1949
  • The United States 1945-1989.

The Project :

Each student will be required to write a project of no more than 1500 words on any person ,event etc. that they choose.The only stipulation is that it is pre 1993. This is compulsory and accounts for 20% of the final examination grade. It is done over the course of the year and help will be given in both choosing and completing a project.

Subject Outside of School:

If it is a case the student is doing History  outside of their own school, it will be necessary for that student to fill out a P3 form. I will have the forms during the year and the student must then take them back to their school where they are sitting their Leaving Certificate.


The cost of the class is 30 euro per student. The class is open to 5th and 6th year students as they will all be studying the topics listed above. No textbooks will be necessary as notes will be given covering all of the topics listed .


  1. October Mid-term
  2. Christmas
  3. February Mid-term
  4. Easter – Pre Leaving Certificate
  5. Final Pre and 5th yr summer exam – Early May

Course work will be examined on a weekly basis but above are the exams the students will be required to sit. The pre will be at Easter as it is then the course will be covered.


Each student will need a set of Exam papers and a folder to contain notes given.