Q: What study facilities are provided in Kilmartin Educational Services

We offer Supervised Study in Limerick Monday-Thursday: 4.00-10.00pm, Friday: 4.00-9.00pm, Saturday: 9.00-5.30pm(extends later in May), Sunday: 10.00-5.00pm.

However, if a student has a day off school for a particular reason we are open from 9am each weekday and students are more than welcome to attend study. Please note that there will not be a Supervisor in the room with them until 3.45pm but they are strictly monitored on our CCTV.

Q: What study facilities are provided in Kilmartin Educational Services during Holiday Periods.

We offer Supervised Study throughout all Holiday Periods (Mid-Terms, Christmas & Easter) in both Limerick and Ennis providing students with a

  • Bright and Ideal Study Environment
  • Supervised
  • Distraction Free

Q: Is my child's attendance monitored

Grinds: Students are required to sign a roll sheet at each class they attend.Attendance is always monitored and a phone call or text will be sent to you by the teacher or a member of our staff. Our students safety is paramount

Study: A parent has the option to put their child on a "Flexi" or "Non-Flexi" option.

  • Flexi meaning, that a student can commence and finish study whenever they want and a text won't be sent home. However, we still do require them to sign in and out and a parent is welcome to ring the office at the end of a given week if they want to find out the times their child was in study for. 
  • Non-Flexi means that a parent advises us the hours their child wishes to do throughout the week and if the child does not attend, leaves early or commences late a text message will be sent home.

Q: Do you provide Career Guidance

We have a highly experienced and qualified Career Guidance Teacher on our excellent team. Our teacher offers a number of different Guidance Packages to suit all students requirement. All information is available here.

Q: Do you provide Study Skill Seminars?

Kilmartin Educational Services run Study Skills Seminars which are aimed at teaching students how to study effectively. These seminars are designed to take the stress away and to empower students to take responsibility for his or her own success. Seminars are available as a group or on an individual basis. Dates of upcoming seminars are available here

Q: Is their Wi-Fi available?

Kilmartin Educational Services is aware that some students use iPads in their own school and for this reason we have Wi-Fi available throughout the building. However, please note that Wi-Fi usage is only permitted during study on a iPad or Laptop and it is strictly not allowed on mobile phones. Our Wi-Fi is set up to access educational websites only and social media, video websites etc are strictly not allowed. 

Q: Can students take up an extra subject outside of their own school?

Yes at Kilmartin Educational Services we have many students who study an additional subject with us outside of their own school each year. It is advisable that a student takes up the new subject at the beginning of the academic year. The student must register with their own school to sit the exam during the Leaving Certificate as we do not offer the facility to sit the exam at our college. More information on each subject that we offer as an Addition Subject is available under the INFO tab on the top-right hand side of the website.

Q: What are the most popular subjects that are studied as an Additional Subject?

The most popular subjects studied outside of school would be Agricultural Science, Business, Accounting, Geography and Economics. Click on each subject for all the additional information

Q: Is there someplace I can get lunch?

At present, there is no eating permitted in our building. There is a café on site, and there are also numerous shops, cafés and restaurants within short walking distance of our college.

Q: My son/daughter is unwell and is unable to attend their course. Am I entitled to a refund?

No, our fees are all strictly non refundable. Where possible, we will try and accommodate students on another course, however, if this is not feasible, a copy of the notes from the course they missed will be held in the college for one week only.

Q: My son/daughter is unable to attend their course. Can we purchase the notes?

No, as the teaching aspect of the course is the most crucial part, the notes are merely used as a supplementary aid to what is taught on the day.

Q: What does Course 1, 2 and 3 mean in the Revision Course Timetable?

Due to the length of the syllabus in some subjects, we split the content to be covered over a number of days. This is to ensure that students get the most out of their revision with us. Each course is priced individually.

Q: We won a competition for a course/supervised study within Kilmartin Educational Services. Can I redeem this next year?

No. Prizes must be redeemed within the current academic year only. If the winner of the prize is unable to make use of it, they may be able to transfer the prize to another student, subject to availability.

Q: I want to make a payment. Do you take card over the phone?

No. For data protection purposes, we strictly do not allow card payments over the phone. Payment may be made via our website. If you are unable to access the internet at home, we have a computer situated in our college designated for payments. Please feel free to make use of this.