6th French (H) - (ID: #553)

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Course Summary

Course Content:

This course will help you to organise your revision and will cover the four sections of the exam:

L’épreuve orale:

  • Vocabulary & expression to answer the general and topical questions
  • Advice & technique to prepare a document

Compréhension écrite:

  • Techniques & advice to assist the understanding of the questions & to answer.

Expression écrite:

  • Grammaradjectifs, pronoms, prépositions & adverbes.
  • Verbs: présent, futur simple & proche, passé composé & imparfait, plus-que-parfait, conditionnel présent & passé, subjonctif, impératif.
  • Techniques, vocabulary & expressions to write essays, diary entries, topical questions and letters.

Compréhension orale:

  • vocabulary, techniques & advice to improve the aural task.
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6th Year Higher
Easter Revision Course