Additional Subjects

Students take on additional subjects outside of school with Kilmartin Educational Services for a number of reasons. Many students find that two subjects they hoped to take clash on their school timetable, some schools don't offer the full range of Leaving Cert subjects and some students simply wish to maximise their points!

Our experienced and highly qualified teachers will cover all the coursework, plus any additional project/practical work over either one or two years. Usually the classes will be one hour and a half in length per week. Christmas and Pre-Leaving Cert exams will also be set and the results will be posted home so that parents can monitor progress. Be advised that taking on an additional subject is not easy, particularly if you are hoping to cover the course in one year, but our teachers will guide you through the process and focus on how you can achieve the best possible grades!


Business can be taken on as a grind or as a subject outside of school in Kilmartin Educational Services. The information included here is for students taking the course outside of school.Leaving Certificate Business is an extension of the Business Studies course in Junior Cert. The Business course concentrates on the theory behind the main parties in business and the relationships which exist between them, both from a domestic and international perspective.

Difficulty Level:

Many students tend to pick Business due to the perception that it is an ‘easy A’. It is important to note that a lot of effort is required to reach an A standard. Also, while the course is an extension on Junior Cert Business Studies, it does not feature most of the Accounting based topics from the Junior Cert course.

Students who study Economics and/ or Geography will notice that there are certain overlaps between the subjects, which is a benefit but not a necessity. Students who choose Business plus any other business topic or Art, can also choose LCVP as a bonus subject.

The Business paper does provide a fairly wide degree of choice within the Leaving Cert exam, due to the division of the course into 7 sections.


During the two years, your teacher will take you through the above topics during timetabled classes weekly. Classes last 90mins including a short break. The format of the class is lecture type, where you will take down /be given notes from the topic being covered on the day. There will of course be handouts and other materials given out in class.

It is possible for a student to take up the subject in 6th year and cover the course in 1 year. However in this scenario, the student’s choice of questions will be reduced. Students opting for this must be aware of the high degree of work necessary, in order to cover the course.

Homework/ Study:

Homework will be set in each class, which must be submitted in the following class, in most cases. Homework will not be accepted any later, without a valid reason. Due to the intensive effort of tackling Business as an extra subject, students are required to do a reasonable amount of study each week.   Parents will be texted if homework is not submitted.

Assessments and Examinations:

In house examinations will take place at Christmas and pre-Leaving Cert. examinations (6th yrs only), Christmas test (5th yrs only) and Summer (5th yrs only). Reports will be issued to parents with results following each assessment. Assessments are an important part of a student’s development and are important for keeping track of the student’s progress.

The Leaving Cert exam is 3 hours in length. It is divided in to 3 sections and is worth 400 marks.   

Class Times / Costs:

Classes will take place during normal school term. There will be classes during the Autumn and Spring mid-terms breaks. The cost will be €30 per class. There will be approximately 32 classes in the year. Please contact the office re. class schedule for September.


Due to the intensive format of the class it is imperative that attendance in class be very high and that student’s only miss class due to very exceptional circumstances. Kilmartin Educational Services require that all students telephone their teacher well in advance if they are to miss class. Text messaging will not suffice. All absences and reasons will be noted and included in term reports to parents. Parents will be contacted that evening if students do not attend class. If a student is struggling with the subject, please contact the teacher immediately to see what extra assistance can be provided. If a student decides to withdraw from classes, please inform the teacher so that they can remove them from the State Exams Commission lists. 


Revision classes will take place throughout the month of May with the class teacher. There will be further opportunities to avail of one day intensive revision courses at Christmas, Easter and early June. These will take place on Sundays at a cost of €30 for 90 mins.

Subject Materials:

Students will need a dedicated hardback A4 refill pad for class work. Students will also require a set of exam papers and a calculator.

Book – for reference: 21st Century Business published by Fallons. Not essential .