Additional Subjects

Students take on additional subjects outside of school with Kilmartin Educational Services for a number of reasons. Many students find that two subjects they hoped to take clash on their school timetable, some schools don't offer the full range of Leaving Cert subjects and some students simply wish to maximise their points!


Our experienced and highly qualified teachers will cover all the coursework, plus any additional project/practical work over either one or two years. Usually the classes will be one hour and a half in length per week. Christmas and Pre-Leaving Cert exams will also be set and the results will be posted home so that parents can monitor progress. Be advised that taking on an additional subject is not easy, particularly if you are hoping to cover the course in one year, but our teachers will guide you through the process and focus on how you can achieve the best possible grades!

Art Portfolio

Art and Portfolio classes with Barbara Casey: KES, Limerick.

Suggested Materials List, 4th, 5th and 6th year Portfolio Students: Click here for the full list of materials required.

Numbers marked with an asterix * are required on the first day.
Materials available at M-Signs (Upper Mallow Street, near KES), Silkes in Catherine St., or Easons.




Students are required on the first evening to bring along an assortment of at least 3 objects for their first analytical study.

Try to find objects which will sustain your interest for the first few weeks.  When choosing your object think in terms of its materials: rough/smooth, old/new, shiny/matt; can it be dismantled? Does it contain a number of components if mechanical?

Textures - e.g. rusty tool with worn and shiny handle; pineapple; artichoke, small plant, piece of interesting wood; assortment of shells or crustacians; animal skulls; vegetables with roots and leaves attached – what are they like on the inside? Shiny corkscrew on coloured fabric; roller skates etc. 

You will be doing one organic analytical object (veg, leaves, wood bark etc.), and one mechanical object. We will also be doing an A1 sized self-portrait, still life, landscape, collage, print, 3D work, and a conceptual project. Both Art & Design and Architecture students will do the above analytical work.

Architecture students only will do additional architecturally related projects.

Students are also encouraged to bring in any work they may have from school or that they have worked on for evaluation, and an indication of where their interests and strengths lie.

Students are expected to attend ALL portfolio classes, and to complete any assignments given during the week.  No responsibility will be accepted for points or results of students who do not attend all classes.

Students on our Portfolio courses consistently achieve exceptionally good results.  In 2009 and 2010 for example, all Art & Design Students achieved over 510 points out of the available 600. 

Architecture students also have a consistently excellent record of passing their portfolio assessments.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy your Portfolio and L.C. Art classes.  Classes are conducted in a relaxed and encouraging environment, and students are continually encouraged to experiment, think laterally and take artistic ‘risks’.  We have found that students find these classes enjoyable and rewarding.

Our Annual Art Exhibition of student work will take place at the end of the year.