Additional Subjects

Students take on additional subjects outside of school with Kilmartin Educational Services for a number of reasons. Many students find that two subjects they hoped to take clash on their school timetable, some schools don't offer the full range of Leaving Cert subjects and some students simply wish to maximise their points!

Our experienced and highly qualified teachers will cover all the coursework, plus any additional project/practical work over either one or two years. Usually the classes will be one hour and a half in length per week. Christmas and Pre-Leaving Cert exams will also be set and the results will be posted home so that parents can monitor progress. Be advised that taking on an additional subject is not easy, particularly if you are hoping to cover the course in one year, but our teachers will guide you through the process and focus on how you can achieve the best possible grades!

Required textbook: Breaking Ground Revised Edition (Green)

Agricultural Science New Specification

The specification for Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science is set out in four strands of study and eight cross-cutting themes that permeate these strands 

The new Agricultural Science is made up of four strands, namely :

  • scientific practices
  • Soils
  • Animals
  • Crops 

There are eight cross-cutting themes also in the specification,namely:

  • Health and safety
  • Technology
  • Genetics
  • Food production
  • Nutrition
  • Sustainability
  • Environment
  • Policies
  • Economics.

The assessment of the course will be a 75% written assessment(2.5 hours length) comprising of:

  • short questions
  • structured questions
  • synoptic questions. 

Students are also required to complete an individual investigative study(IIS) worth 25%. The title of this project will change each year but an example of a title is this years title of Sustainability in Irish Agriculture. Students will work on this project over the course of the two years and will need to be self motivated to complete this. Please note that this project is sent away for correction, there is no interview for the new specification.

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