Kilmartin Educational Services are now offering 3rd Level Preparation Courses

 We are delighted to launch our weekly 1st Year Pre University Preparation classes for students that will a Maths and/or Physics module in their 3rd Level Course. These classes will help students have the extra edge entering college.

Dr. Barry Ryan has guided many students throughout their 3rd level modules throughout the previous academic years. He also helped students who failed their Summer Exams to pass their Repeats with just a few short weeks notice.

If you are finding certain Mathematics or Physics modules quite difficult and need that extra guidance to help achieve your potential contact Kilmartin Educational Services today on 061-444989 for additional information and an exhaustive list of modules that Dr. Barry Ryan can help with.

  • Classes will be LIVE online with Dr. Barry Ryan.
  • Individual classes: €60
  • Group Classes: €25

Mathematics for Engineering, the Sciences and Financial Mathematics 
Details: Transition to university is difficult as more emphasis on rigour in proofs. Topics will include sequences and series, convergence, integration, probability theory, functions. Level is LCH, but with an emphasis on problem solving. Sources: UCD, UL and Cambridge Mathematics problems.

Physics for Engineering and the Sciences
Details: Emphasis at university in first year will be problem solving. Topics will include Newton’s Laws, Moments, Circuits, Faraday’s Laws, Light/Optics, Fluids. The level is LCH, but with an emphasis on problem solving. Sources: UCD, UL and Cambridge Physics problems.

Barry Ryan's Background

Barry has a PhD from Caltech and first class BSc and MSc degrees in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics from UCD. Barry taught first year engineering mathematics and mathematical physics at UCD. At Caltech Barry taught the notorious AMa95 course in applied mathematics and mathematical physics taken in 3rd or 4th year by all Caltech undergraduate engineering and physics students. Barry has also taught the even more notorious AMa101 applied mathematics and mathematical physics course, taken by all engineering and physics graduate students at Caltech. Graduate students in the US are students enrolled for PhD programs. Barry taught both these courses for five years. 


Biology Modules that we offer tuition in for current 3rd Level Students:

We are delighted to announce that Elena Hayes will provide 3rd level tuition for Biology modules:

  • General biology 
  • Genetics and molecular biology 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Anatomy and Physiology 
  • Nutrition 

All 3rd level individual tuition is priced at €60 per hour. To enquire or to organise an individual grind, contact us on 061-444989

Maths & Physics Modules that we offer tuition in for current 3rd Level Students:


  • MA4601 Introduction to Science Maths 1
  • MA4602 Introduction to Science Maths 2
  • MA4001 Eng Maths 1
  • MA4002 Eng Maths 2
  • MA4003 Eng Maths 3
  • MA4004 Eng Maths 4
  • ME4412 Fluid Mechanics 1
  • ME4111 Engineering Mechanics 1
  • MS4021 Calculus 1
  • MS4022 Calculus 2
  • MS4131 Linear Algebra 1
  • MS4122 Further Linear Algebra
  • MS4222 Introduction Probability and Statistics ME4523 Thermodynamics 1
  • PH4131 Mechanics/Heat/Electricity/Magnetism
  • PH4051 Measurement and Properties of Matter
  •  PH4022 Physics for Environmental and Biosciences (Luke did this resit)
  • PH4011 Physics for Engineers 1
  • PH4012 Physics for Engineers 2
  • PH4142 Introduction to Physics